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Let me ask you something: Do you sometimes feel like we’ve all been sitting in front of our computers for almost two years now?

Well, now imagine what dancing, gymnastics or performing arts teachers are going through. While there must be a great deal of frustration, there’s also interesting questions and ideas about our physical bodies in the digital classroom. 

How do we keep ourselves active? 

How do we approach things like dance and theatre? 

And does eLearning open new possibilities for physical outcomes?

For my guest today, the answer is a resounding yes. Dr. Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan is a Lecturer in Human Movement Studies and Creative Arts at Charles Sturt University, in Australia. 

In our discussion, she tells us what “human movement studies” is all about and how it’s transformed for her over the past 2 years.

We also talk about:

🖍 How digital learning can actually open new spaces for physical education, with possibilities for more creativity and intimacy.

🕺 Why the rise of TikTok, with the emphasis on video and dancing, teaches us some valuable lessons in the way we approach topics involving our bodies and movement.

🎒 And finally, while online education obviously has its struggles and challenges. We talk about ways to promote physical self care and well-being despite the disruptions of delayed or asynchronous interactions.

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