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My guest for today is Suchi Deshpande, who is the Co-Founder of Learnfully, a personalized learning platform with neurodivergence as its main focus.

Suchi discovered the idea for her platform after realizing how difficult it was for her kids to find an educational experience suitable for their needs. The idea truly came to life, when she also realized how difficult it was to socialize the simple idea that different children need different ways of learning.

In this enlightening conversation we talk about:

🥊 Why “neurodivergent learning” approaches are gaining traction, especially because of the COVID crises. It’s not just for accessibility: It’s a fight against classroom anxiety.

🎒 We take a deep dive into “executive functioning” skills and the way they evolve as children develop… and are you sure your kids’ education is meeting them at where they truly excel?

🚧 The origin of Learnfully, where Suchi’s tech background allows for a personalized learning experience that lets parents keep close track of their kids’ progress through a finetuned analytics platform.

🏫 Finally, we talk about the global appeal of neurodivergent elearning; and why personalized platforms like Suchi’s might become part of your children education sooner than you think.

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