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My guest for today is Harsh Jain, a young Bachelor in Commerce from Delhi University who in 2019 decided with his brother to launch Escafate. With this education startup, Harsh seeks to increase opportunities both in academic and training achievement; as well as job finding and career development.

If these goals weren’t ambitious enough already, Escafate’s mission is to offer these opportunities to people with disabilities, focusing on the visually impaired.

In this “escalating” conversation we talk about:

🏫 The massive upskilling and economic opportunity for people with different ability conditions in India and the role of Education Technology in providing these opportunities

📖 Why Harsh believes that entrepreneurship is “in the bloodstream” of every Indian and the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset for Indian learners, as they have to be sure they’re learning how to solve real problems

🔨 And why an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for Harsh to make sure he’s focusing on the real problems, and creating valuable connections.

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