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My guest for today is Mike Todd. Mike is the CEO of Near-Life, a company that develops Virtual Reality and interactive video solutions and tools. With clients including USAID and the World Health Organization, Mike and his clients are convinced of the power of immersive content for high-stakes training.    

In this exciting conversation we talk about:

🌌 How Mike shifted his career from the International Development space to the education space (without really leaving); and why Near-Life solutions have resonated in humanitarian, health, safety and other critical contexts.
🚚 Why the time of “VR for everyone” is closer than we think, thanks to authoring and delivery tools that greatly speed up the content creation process.
➗ Of course, creating immersive media is still more expensive than standard content. So we talk about not only how the ROI on VR has improved, but the ways in which it’s easier to make that calculation
💬 Finally, we talk about the most important element of creating truly immersive, effective and sustainable learning experiences: A good team.

Learn more about Mike and Near-Life at near-life.tech

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