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My guest for today is Peter Horwing, founder of CHART Adaptive Learning. With a model that puts technology at the service of the individual, CHART offers a mix of interactive content and one-on-one coaching on soft skills that ensures no one is left behind.

In this flexible, yet meticulous conversation we talk about

💹 Why Peter & Co. decided Soft Skills was the most important challenge CHART had to face, and why adaptive learning specifically is, in Peter’s opinion, the best way to influence behavior both effectively and measurably.

😵 We talk about the difference between conscious and “unconscious incompetence,” or why we so often don’t realize how much we don’t know about the skill we think we know.

1️⃣ We also talk about the key importance of one.-on-one accountability to fill in all these gaps; and why mentoring is often the fastest way to ensure learning.

📈 Finally, we dive deep into CHART’s coaching model, how technology enhances the reach and quality of the relationship, and some of Peter’s most memorable success cases; or why in the middle of the worst wave in the Pandemic, a South African hospital realized their best decision was to invest in customer training for healthcare personnel.

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