Robert Paddock

My guest for today is Robert Paddock, a EdTech and eLearning entrepreneur from South Africa. While many people are familiar with his first venture – called GetSmarter, which was acquired by 2U in 2017, his latest venture is the Valenture Institute. 

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Valenture is a vanguard effort in the South African secondary education space that seeks to redefine what an all-online education can be.

In this fast-paced conversation we talk about:

🌍 What it’s like to design an curriculum that focuses on SDGs and complies with international educational requirements… And is still engaging!

📖 The importance of diversity and its key role on effective and inclusive learning experiences…

👧 …and the importance of considering the whole teenager when it comes to understanding their behavior and academic performance. I mean that down to the neurochemical level

🎓 Why Robert is bullish on Learning Analytics and Big Data for Education, to do away with the “black box” classroom paradigm we can’t seem to break away from

💔 And why educational technologies are essential to break this paradigm for the benefit of all learners, particularly on low-income or disadvantaged groups

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