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Do you ever feel like an “Indie” author or creator?

​​If you do, I’m sure my guest for today will make a lot of sense.

​​Jan Zucker is the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Content Creators, a company that’s part agency, part publisher and part coaching service. For ten years now, Digital Content Creators has helped launched countless successful courses, always staying ahead of the trends and technologies.

In this enlightening conversation we talk about:

📖 The origins of Digital CC, both in is history and the “seed” within a creator that makes a course, just like a good book, a compelling read

⏩ The general process of turning knowledge, experience and content into an immersive digital learning experiences, and how this process has evolved and speeded up over the years

​🙉 Why Jan thinks your biggest problem is not about content, but about your sense of experience or narrative structure; and some tips to overcome your “mental scattering”

​📱 Why Jan is bullish in mobile learning, XR and AI; and why he thinks that as a course creator, you should too.

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