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My very special guest this week is a celebrity on her own right. Esther Jacobs started as a journalist, and in her storied career has raised millions for charity, appeared in European Survivor, traveled to more than 100 countries and been Knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands.

In her current chapter, Esther has self-appointed herself as the “No Excuses” lady to focus about a cause most of us would likely get behind: Write a book.

In this “page-turning” conversation we talk about:

👨‍👦 The many faces of Esther, the causes she has rallied around and why helping people write their books its a way to synthesize all of her adventures

⚒ The importance of self expression and developing your own voice, as you tell your story and create educational content

📔 The variety of approaches available for book writing as an educator, including the many different types of books you can write. By the way, have you considered letting your classroom write the book for you?

🖋 The techniques that make Esther worth her “No Excuses Lady” tagline, which she can use to help you, starting with pointing out a mistake you are likely making right now: Not writing.

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