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Today we are switching gears, with an amazing elearning entrepreneurial story for you. Within 5 years, Hello Music Theory went from Dan Farrant’s hobby of gathering cool free resources for musical education, into a top-ranked choice for educators and aspiring musicians.

In this lyrical conversation we talk about:

  • What it’s like to find yourself seeing the fruits of your small project, and taking the plunge into making non-traditional elearning your full time occupation
  • The importance of having a simple, but clear and flexible plan, in fact many of them, and again, learning how to focus, taking stock and letting go
  • Why Dan planned “for fun.” From content creation to video production, to charting a plan for growth, Dan only moved forward when he found a fun way to make it happen
  • How to know when content can be king in your elearning project. As much as Dan would love to make videos with music lessons all day, there’s operations, marketing and tons of other things that need attention.

And if you want to know how to make some music, be sure to check out HelloMusicTheory.com

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