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My guest today is on a mission: To change the way you create elearning content into an “audio-first” e learning strategy. Michael Greenberg believes that if you “get” audio, in terms of the quality of the recording and the content, every other part of your course will have a solid footing. Not only that: By being the one effective method that does not need your eyes, audio increases your learning opportunities.

In this “ear-opening” conversation we talk about:

  • Why audio is such an important piece of the learning experience, and why paradoxically is one of the least taken care of.
  • Michael’s three key steps to get started with a quality, audio-first elearning experience.
  • The many ways you can turn audio content into a variety of formats and experiences, or in Michael’s case, a promising business model.
  • The benefits of stepping up your audio game, for anything from your confidence as a public speaker, to the way you make content intrinsically compelling.
  • And of course, the limitations of audio-only learning; which is to say that in many cases audio can play a fortifying role when used along with other media.
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