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My guest for today is Kristin Barret. Born and raised in Chicago, Kristin and her family transitioned to Mexico to oversee the operations of an MBA and leadership school. Before her key role at Collective Academy, Kristin built a tenured career in the meeting point of innovation and education. Now, she co-heads an ambitious plan to forge Mexico’s next generation of leaders by providing critical needs and helping accelerate their success.

In this surprisingly relevant conversation we talk about:

  • Why the pandemic and all the struggles it brought for teachers, it was a real boon for a lot of urban Latin American students, many of which experienced online learning for the first time.
  • Lifelong learning, but from a perspective of inclusion, and why Kristin decided to expand from an MBA into Compass, a pre-university program that starts nurturing business and leadership skills.
  • Why teenagers, regardless of their eventual calling, can benefit from leadership, resilience, organizational and even IT and more technical skills
  • The interesting new ways in which Collective Academy is giving talented young people access experts and industry leaders; and how connecting with young thinkers can be a powerful tool to address uncertainty and change in creative ways
  • Why the pandemic bolstered a revolution in leadership education across the continent, but why we need to continue to explore ways to clear the gaps and promote the creation of valuable business models to anybody who wants it.
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