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My guest for today is Kasper Spiro, Dutch tech entrepreneur, and CEO of

With a tenured background in enterprise software, Kasper realized there were glaring gaps in the way corporate training tech addresses customer issues. Long story short, he decided to join EasyGenerator out of frustration with the general state of support and needless complexity plaguing the industry.

In this illuminating conversation we talk about:

  • The story of Easygenerator, an easy to use and maintain cloud-based platform for content creators and collaborators.
  • How your frustration can be a powerful motivator and an innovation driver, as long as you learn to take a step back and find out who shares this frustration with you.
  • Why Kasper thinks the distance between the content creator and the employee who consumes it is a problem people don’t talk about enough, and all its unintended consequences
  • How thanks to the pandemic more people saw how detrimental it was for creators and learners to be separate, the update cycles so long; and how tools like Easygenerator help in keeping things fresh
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