Edu Labs and Turnitin Join Forces to Provide Added Value to Moodle Community

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Edu Labs, an eLearning services company and a certified Moodle Partner in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, wanted to offer a plagiarism prevention solution that could be integrated into the Moodle Learning Management System. Edu Labs and Turnitin discovered common grounds when both companies realized there was a mutual goal: To support the Moodle community by providing certified Moodle services, and assisting educational institutions to make the most out of their LMS.

Edu Labs and Turnitin decided to join forces and provide industry-leading elearning solutions to Moodle users. This alliance allowed to maximize student learning outcomes through SimCheck, a Turnitin solution for upholding academic integrity.


With this strategic partnership, Edu Labs wants to provide its customers (new and current) an integrated and solid eLearning solution that meets their academic integrity needs.

In partnering with Turnitin, Edu Labs has two main goals:

  1. Increase value to current customers with a trusted and compatible Moodle integration to address academic integrity needs.
  2. Reach new customers by offering Turnitin’s SimCheck as an integrated functionality of the Moodle Hosting provided by Edu Labs.


According to Claudia Cárdenas, Commercial Director for Edu Labs, “As a Moodle Partner in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, having made an alliance with SimCheck, one of Turnitin’s most important anti-plagiarism products, gives us the possibility of offering our clients completed functionalities that can be integrated into their Moodle LMS. Thus, Edu Labs can guarantee a robust and solid solution that allows our clients’ eLearning projects to have great growth.” 

The partnership will result in:

  • A better eLearning experience for Edu Labs and Moodle customers.
  • A wider customer base attracted to academic integrity solutions. 
  • An excellent bundle of technology solutions that maximize Moodle’s value.

“At Edu Labs, we always work to offer our customers the best integrations that are compatible with their Moodle LMS,” states Claudia Cárdenas. “[Turnitin’s] SimCheck is the perfect integration because it helps to improve the virtual learning environments and make the eLearning experience better through preventing plagiarism, encouraging integrity, and improving student outcomes.”

To learn more about SimCheck by Turnitin, visit the brand’s Partner Profile or contact via email: Mark Harnor, Business Development Director at Turnitin: [email protected]. If you are interested in Edu Labs’ services, please visit or contact by email [email protected].

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