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Grow With Google is an initiative that was created with the objective of creating economic opportunities for Spanish speakers who want to learn new skills and also have enough preparation for a new job or also to be motivated to create entrepreneurship in this new digital era that the pandemic has caused.

This initiative offers a curriculum called Applied Digital Skills, where students will learn to develop digital skills through free videos, they also offer quick courses for small businesses and job seekers.

You will be able to find everything mentioned above in Google Primer which is free, and you will learn business and digital marketing skills.

After having completed the course, they offer you a Professional Certificate of IT Support, with the objective of granting it to people with little or no experience so that they can perform basic tasks in IT (Information Technology) and this in a duration of 180 days.

Whatch the video if you want to know more.

The New Google Workspace For Education: What You Need To Know

Last October it was announced that G Suite for Education would become Google Workspace for Education, a change likely intended to give a more consistent structure to the giant’s educational products.

Google Workspace for Education is a collection of easy-to-use, cloud-based tools that provide security for learning, available to educational institutions and home schools.

The tools in Workspace for Education meet the needs of institutions around the world and is now available in four versions:

Google remains committed to working to offer institutions a different experience during classes.

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