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WCAG is the most widely known and widespread accessibility standard for websites and applications. When sites and applications meet the standard it means that people who take advantage of assistive devices will find an easier experience.

Currently WCAG 2 is the generally adopted standard. According to the blog posted on its official website, the benefits of WCAG 3 will be:

  • A more flexible and easily adaptable structure
  • A simplified language and better references for implementation.
  • A more appropriate reflection of the way in which people with disabilities can implement the standards.
  • Includes a better system for evaluating compliance with the standards than WCAG 2.

The first draft of WCAG 3 has just been published and there is no clear date as to when it will come into effect. There is usually a testing period, then one where WCAG 2 and 3 coexist, and eventually WCAG 2 becomes obsolete. The process can take years.


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