Top Analytics Integrations For Your LMS In 2020: Does Data Equal Elearning?


In this guide:

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For 2020, elearning is welcoming new users, and organizations in record numbers. Actually, “welcoming” might not be the right word. People are being thrust upon complex system, almost invariably in a rush, with little goal other than “continuity.” Of course it’s not working out.

On the other side of things, optimists, innovators and those passionate about the learning experience of their students —admittedly, these groups and their priorities may not always coincide— with proximity to Learning Management Systems (LMS) in particular, have recognized the value in data. If not as a “path” towards a New Normal that is extraordinarily beneficial to all, as the basis of an informed exploration towards it. Which highlights a couple more challenges when it comes to Learning Analytics today.

We could split the Analytics solutions chosen in this guide in three categories: General Analytic, Learning Analytics, and LRS\xAPI solutions. There are overlaps as well as room for further classification, which could allude to the limited standardization —and customer education— pending on the segment.

№1. Google Analytics

№2. Tableau

№3. Sisense

№4. Klipfolio

№5. Cyfe

№6. Chartio

№7. BrightBytes

№8. Dundas

№9. Zoola Analytics

№10. Yet Analytics

№11. Watershed LRS

№12. Shuhari

№13. IntelliBoard

№14. Grassblade

№15. Learning Pool

№16. SAP Crystal

№17. SmartKlass


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