The Hottest Video Tools To Replace Your Classroom In 2020 — Summer Cut

Will you ever go back to school? Who knows! In the meantime, pick your best semi-formal shirt and boxer briefs combination, screen-proof makeup for every age and gender, a summer drink and let’s get online!

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This are the most searched for video conferencing tools. No reason to risk going to school and miss out on that drink 😉

Popularity based on monthly searches on Google in the U.S. Want stats in other engines and countries? Let us know!

№20 uQualio <100

№19 Apereo Opencast <100 Open Source

№18 Warpwire 150

№17 Apache OpenMeetings 350

№16 Microsoft Teams 700

№15 Muvi 2.2K

№14 BigBlueButton 2.5K

№13 OBS Project 3.4K

№12 Blackboard Collaborate 5.6K

№11 Jitsi 6K

№10 Echo360 6.9K

№9 Kaltura 17K

№8 Cisco Webex 19K

№7 Panopto 21K

№6 BlueJeans 21K

№5 Bongo 22K

№4 iclicker 41K

№3 Signal 59K

№2 GoToMeeting 303K

№1 Zoom 1.3M

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