The NEW Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) Calendar — Essential Digital Teaching Competencies, Streamlined (MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2020 Sneak Peek)


Updated on February 24, 2020.

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Interested in furthering the essential digital competencies learners need from you in the next decade?

Moodle Community Educator, Mary Cooch, and MEC facilitator from Irish Moodle Partner Enovation, Vaida Holohan, will take advantage of the reimagined workshops day at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2020, coming up on Monday, April 6.

At Dublin’s “Teaching and Learning” MEC Workshop, the facilitators will explain Moodle’s rationale behind the MEC upgrade. Specifically, why it’s important to complement tool-centric training offerings (such as the Learn Moodle MOOC) that focus on the how; with more encompassing discussions on the when, and how to understand learners needs in a way that leads to sound pedagogical approaches. As one of the premises of the workshop states,

The good educator first looks at what they need their learners to achieve, and then looks for a way to do this in Moodle.

The 2020 revision of the MEC was made in collaboration with key experts, including top trainers at Moodle Partners. It includes a higher substance of case studies and self-assessment activities. It has kept, however, the alignment with the Digital Competence Framework for Educators provided by the European Union.

The facilitators have ensured a highly interactive session with hands-on and online tasks, and will have the opportunity to start working on their first deliverables towards the MEC certification.

Learn more about the MoodleMoot UK & Ireland “Teaching and Learning” MEC 2020 Workshop. Important: 30 pax limit. Signing up for the MoodleMoot does not guarantee a spot in the MEC Workshop.

2020 MEC Calendar

Find here every offering of the MEC by every Certified Moodle Provider, continuously updated.

What is the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC)?

In this page:

According to Solange Lalonde, Senior Curriculum Manager at Moodle HQ, the MEC is all about developing digital confidence among educators, instrumental “in an increasingly online world and workplace.” Every Moodle Partner follows the same standardized curriculum, which has been aligned with the European Union’s guidelines, specifically the 22 items in its Science & Knowledge Service’s Digital Competencies Framework for Educators.

The “MEC Core Competencies” covers the first 6 and culminates with a practical “Design Challenge” capstone. These first 6 are:

  1. Universal Design
  2. Open Content
  3. Guiding Learners
  4. Teaching Tools
  5. Learner Collaboration
  6. Assessment Strategy

Why MEC?

  • Advance your career and professional development goals with practical skills on Moodle (open source, the world’s #1 Learning Management System) and broader digital education competencies.
  • Consolidate your 4 pillars of modern learning: Design, Guide, Connect and Reflect.
  • Increase the quality of your learning and professional offerings in your organization by leveraging Moodle’s features, tools and pedagogical frameworks.
  • Join a global network of educators with like-minded aspirations for evidence, innovation and impact in their learning.
  • Support the development of Moodle. (A percentage of MEC goes to support the Free and Open Source Software used by millions of students around the world.)
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MEC upcoming dates

Unless stated otherwise, “MEC Core Competencies” refers to the first 6 competencies, taught in a live + pre-recorded session mix, offered fully online and in English over the course of 6 weeks. It is expected that all MEC offerings are the 2020 revision. Advance inquiry is recommended.

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