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My guest for today’s episode is Svein-Tore Griff With, the mastermind behind H5P, the popular, free and open source tool to create interactive content.

In a very short time, H5P has become the darling of open source elearning technologies, and it’s easy to see why. Svein-Tore and his team at Joubel built a powerful solution that is incredibly easy to use. 

With special attention to its integration with the most popular LMS and CMS out there, and strong accessibility compliance, the work that Svein-Tore has led with H5P is one of the most exciting contributions to the global Open EdTech movement in years.

In this conversation, Svein-Tore and I talk about:

  • H5P and it’s ambitious goals of providing a powerful, simple and free tool for anyone around the world to create amazing interactive elearning experiences
  • The interesting angle of an Open Source standard as the basis of a sustainable business, and the slowly but steadily evolving change of heart of mainstream users
  • The challenges EdTech entrepreneurs face in the corporate segment, and the trade-off they face between innovation and compliance to old specs
  • The H5P OER Hub, which aims to connect users from all platforms and LMS around free and open content collaboration

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