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My guest for today’s episode is John Mitchell, CEO and Founder of Arlo. Lifelong technologist and serial entrepreneur, John is a veteran in New Zealand’s elearning space, helping schools and training teams get into the latest ICT innovations. John is now on a mission to bring Arlo’s unique Training Management System and Event Software to people and teams around the world.

In this exciting conversation we talk about:

  • What is it like to deliver elearning solutions to a world afflicted by a pandemic from New Zealand – one of the bright spots in COVID-19 management and prevention
  • The power of integration in Learning and Training Management Systems, which allows Arlo’s systems to give you the best features the global industry has to offer
  • How to walk the fine line between creating quality educational experiences online, and helping educators create enticing marketing propositions
  • John’s thoughts on the future of Training Management Systems, and why empowering learners is still a fool-proof strategy for retention and sustainability in the business.
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  1. Hey, your article is just amazing. I’ve bookmarked it. I agree with all your points noted down here. Sharing knowledge is the best thing you can do for readers and peer bloggers. Thanks and keep posting.


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