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My guest for today’s episode is Aaron Hurst. A veteran in the social entrepreneurship space, Aaron is an author and researcher in what he calls the “science of purpose and fulfillment at work.” Aaron is widely known as the Founder and CEO of the Taproot Foundation and the author of the book The Purpose Economy.  Today, Aaron has taken the learning from Taproot and The Purpose Economy and folded it into Imperative, a social learning platform focused on peer coaching.

In this very “purposeful” conversation, Aaron and I talk about:

  • Aaron’s journey, kicked off by a series of personal reflections about meaning and purpose after 9/11
  • The origin of Taproot Foundation, and why some of the things the world most urgently needs is talent, and relationships based on knowledge and skill acquisition
  • Why technology has made it no longer a privilege to search for your life purpose and create a meaningful career out of it, even if most people find it hard to believe
  • The conflict we face as professionals between advancing our careers for better financial rewards; and the impact of our work in our communities and the world
  • Why virtually every organizational leader can advance conversations about purpose and social value generation, regardless of industry or sector
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