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My guest for today’s episode is Dr. Page Chen, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Remote Learner

Based in Denver, CO, Remote Learner continues to innovate in technology as well as the learning process itself.

The services and solutions that Remote Learner delivers for their clients are built on a foundation of something Page calls Persuasive Design Strategies. 

Persuasive Design was the focus of Page’s doctoral research and, as you’ll hear in a few minutes, provide some very compelling strategies for achieving successful outcomes for learners and staff. 

You can find the full article Page and I discuss in the podcast below.

I think you will find this conversation very persuasive, as Page and I talk about:

  • Friction! And what can we do to radically simplify and remove as many steps as possible between a student and their learning outcomes.
  • We also walk through the 7 elements of Persuasive Design that you can use today to start improving your course outcomes.
  • The simple power of continuous reinforcement, and how Page’s favorite plugin makes it dead easy and super engaging.

This is the article Page and I discuss: Designing to Persuade a Learning State of Mind

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