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My guest for today’s episode is Monica Burns. She’s the creator of ClassTechTips.com and, frankly, she absolutely crushes it in terms of explaining how K-12 teachers can effectively use tech in the classroom.

Since the beginning of lockdowns, Monica’s website has seen tremendous growth. It makes complete sense. Teachers and parents are looking everywhere for help in their online learning, and Monica is one of the most knowledgeable and approachable experts you’re going to find.

If you want more from Monica, make sure you don’t miss her talk on our Elearning Success Summit about  sparking creativity in the classroom, which includes a list of her favorite free tools.

I think you’re going to love this conversation where Monica and I talk about:

  • The benefits of “open-ended” tools, and letting your students choose their  own adventures in digital learning. (You might learn a lot from them!)
  • Monica’s updated list of tools to create amazing interactive content even for the little ones—no email necessary
  • The importance of keeping parents in the loop about the technology that is being used and its purpose; and inviting them into the creation process
  • Why schools and districts no longer have an excuse not to support teachers in their use of technology, and how leaders should embrace not just EdTech, but the feedback and data it offers to improve learning
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