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My guest for our third episode is Michelle Moore, online learning consultant, doctoral student, and the co-founder of My Learning Consultants.

Michelle has helped hundreds of educators and trainers design exceptional online and blended learning experiences. She was also one of our top speakers at the eLearning Success Summit.

Michelle at MoodleMoot Global 2020

In today’s episode, Michelle and I talk about:

  • How My Learning Consultants are helping their clients respond to the remote work & learning needs presented by COVID-19
  • Why instructors shouldn’t expect to “have all of the answers” when building online learning for their students
  • If it is worth it to always be “creative” with eLearning… even with standard, tick-box compliance exercises
  • Very specific examples of creative solutions for getting learners to engage in content (think AMAs, Leaderboards, etc.)
  • The invisible line that separates “putting your learning materials online” and creating something that actually drives culture, builds excitement and creates a real differentiator
  • How company size does (or does not) affect the way you present material and engagement levels
  • How to best support eLearning champions, early adopters and gurus in your organization

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