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We understand how exhausting it can be to make sense of everything that’s happening in the elearning space. But at the end of the day, this space is about to absorb you no matter who and where you are, or where you’re from. If it hasn’t already.

In order to help you go across, we came up with this. An Atlas. Elearning is a human geography and as such, it’s dynamic, often to seismic extents. It’s also a political geography as it is often the case with such wealthy lands. Borders can often feel arbitrary. In fact, this Atlas is also the constant retelling of an epic tragedy, following the perennial conflict between the Education-minded and the Business-minded. Spoiler alert: Each side needs each other more than they care to admit. The Business-minded gives sustainability to the Education-minded. The Education-minded gives the Business-minded purpose. Depending on whose territory you end up, your biases might be leaning heavily on one side over the other. Be forewarned.

The demand and supply of every type of talent is economically defined, and so is its usefulness and the quality. Even if sometimes it’s hard to explain the often mismatched levels of compensation. As it turns out, transparency grows larger and wider over time, but disinformation and confusion can be very powerful distraction tactics.

Coming up in this Atlas (Stay Tuned):


  • Roles 🧬
    • Customers
    • Industry Leaders & Partnerships
    • Users
  • Economics 🧬
    • Companies
    • Industries & Markets
    • The Business (‘EdTechPreneur’?)
  • Local & Global Issues 🧬
    • Digital Living
    • Advocacy
    • Openness & OER
    • Research, Evidence & Impact


  • Instructional Design & Content 🧬
  • Elearning Planning, Management, Dashboards & Learning Analytics
  • Tools, Tips, Tricks, Best Practices 🧬


  • Buying Guide
    • How To Choose
    • EdTech Reviews
    • Training & Education
    • Advanced Buying
  • Tech Catalogue
    • LMS, Cloud & Hosting
    • Building Blocks
    • Latest New EdTech Releases
  • EdTech Development
    • Environment & Workspace
    • DevOps: Processes, Architecture & Models
    • Components: Building blocks and tools


As you will see, no matter where you land there is going to be a level of conflict and factions. The most prosperous parts are those that embrace diversity, for some reason a hard lesson to replicate in some settlements.

I could go on forever with the introduction, but let me finish by adding one key element, a source of value and perpetual wealth, available in unlimited supply and with the chance to benefit everyone. It’s not mysterious: Free and Open Source Software. You and those around you might not realize it, but we’re living in gold rush-like times for several decades now. Just like in XVII century California, not everyone had to be a miner to enjoy the boon. Open Source is more present in the story of growth, development and prosperity of our world, not just the EdTech world.

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How to use the Atlas

This Atlas is meant to guide you, no matter who you are or where you’re heading. Not sure about either? Same here! Just go to the top and pick a different route. Or just follow your whim by picking a tag:

This Atlas is going to be an ongoing project. If the first thing you’re looking at is an empty list, congratulations, you’re a pioneer. (And please accept our apologies.) Over time, developments led by people will be reflected in section updates. This Atlas is expected to change because, just like any modern geography, it is subject to human intervention.



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