Updated on September 30, 2020.

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The popular Moodle theme “Adaptable” features a “layout builder” for static HTML marketing and footer blocks, but more interestingly “block regions”.

This means administrators are able to define their own layout for block regions on the front page of their site and then drag and drop any Moodle blocks they wish into those regions.

These features are covered in the following video at the 4:25 mark:

The full video covers a range of other features in this theme such as “dismissable” alerts, slider settings, menus, user targeting etc.

On January, 2019, a new video covers some of the newest features, including tabs for easy switching between areas, and top slider for news, announcements or important information. (See featured video.)

As Barnard discusses on a Moodle Forum post, there are 4 releases of “Adaptable” that continue to be maintained, ensuring compatibility with Moodle 3.6 up to the latest 3.9.

If you would like to try this theme for yourself you can download it from the Moodle plugins directory here.

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