Why Grading In Moodle Is A Costly Affair And How You Can Change That

By the Edwiser Team.

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We are not overstating when we claim that Grading and Assessment are quintessential components of a teacher’s daily workflow.

And why not!

After all, it might seem like a chore (and a thankless one at that). But grading helps teachers to evaluate and assess how well students understand the concepts taught to them. Further, it also helps teachers drive the course accordingly, depending on the performance of students.

Doing this with complete focus does help mold a student’s path in the best shape. And that’s something any teacher, including you, would vouch for, wouldn’t you?

Which only makes it fair to ask: Is there a better way to grade student work?

For teachers to be able to grade hassle-free, there are two things they generally look for: A grading system that lets you grade quickly, while at the same time helps you cut down on grading expenses. (If any.)

Grading in Moodle or any modern, similarly featured LMS, comes with many challenges. The absence of a user-friendly grading interface being but one of them. All of these challenges have a common effect: A lot of time and money getting wasted.

Grading in Moodle Costs You Time 

The Moodle LMS comes with a poor grading interface. It’s not intuitive. Dare we say it, it’s rather tedious.

For teachers to start grading, they have to first understand how the grading process works. Only once they have got a grasp of the what-and-how, can they proceed to grade their students. 

As a result, a lot of time gets wasted, long before a teacher makes its first mark.

But let’s get down to numbers! 

Consider a simple scenario, where each batch has 50 students per teacher.

According to our data, a teacher spends on average 3 hours grading a single course quiz on Moodle. (Again, this figure could vary depending on the scenario.) In a common setup, a teacher grades three quizzes every month. Now, a teacher might be in charge of 4 such batches. 3×3×4: That’s a total of 36 hours of grading per month!

Staggering, isn’t it?

Here’s what is even more noteworthy. The amount of extra hours you spend grading is directly related to a rise in your expenses on grading in Moodle. 

How Time Lost Makes You Lose Out on Money

How does money even come into the picture?

To understand ‘how’, let’s consider the same example that we used above. That of the ‘Staggering’ amount of 36 hours that teachers spend grading in Moodle.

In most of these cases, schools, universities and corporations usually hire additional teachers to grade quizzes.

While doing so, what these stakeholders fail to realize is the huge expense in which they have to incur. 

Going by the current average of $50/hour and rising, you might just end up blowing off a lot of money, which could very well be avoided. If you check the amount you have to spend for 36 hours of grading, it mounts up to a whopping figure of $1800 per month!! 

Now if you’re someone who can afford these expenses, there’s nothing to fret about.

But what if you cannot? Wouldn’t you love it if you could save time as well as money while grading in Moodle? 

How You Can Save Time and Money While Grading on Moodle

After numerous interactions with teachers, from varying subject matter, departments and countries, we realized how a grading solution was the need of the hour.

All these discussions were followed by a comprehensive analysis of these inputs, and coming up with a relevant solution in the form of Edwiser RapidGrader

Here are the multiple ways in which Edwiser RapidGrader improves the Grading Process:

#1 No More Shuffling Between Multiple Tabs

A Single Screen Grading Interface means you don’t need to open a new tab for every new action. 

#2 Give Your Fingers Some Rest

Get access to everything that matters while grading, within the same window, in fewer clicks.

#3 Grade 4 Times Faster with Edwiser RapidGrader

Grade up to 4 times the same number of students, thanks to a grading interface that understands you.

#4 Make Grading An Experience, No More A Chore

Who doesn’t love a user interface that you can engage with? With Edwiser RapidGrader, grading is no more responsibility, but an experience. 

Summing Up 

We saw how grading in Moodle comes with various challenges, a poor grading interface being the most significant. Teachers find it difficult to understand how grading works, and often end up wasting precious time and money in the entire process. 

Edwiser RapidGrader intends to solve all these problems, by offering an easy-to-use grading interface. It speeds up the entire grading process, thereby helping teachers grade more students under the same time.

By saving time, Edwiser RapidGrader helps rationalize your expenses. Teachers can finally dedicate to actually focus on students!

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  1. I recommend using Moodle automatically marked quizzes, typical cost is a small number of CPU cycles, or close to zero financial cost. Moodle has the best quiz engine in existence, free or paid for. Assignment grading would make a better example for this article.

  2. I agree with Marcus. Automatically marking quizzes and even essays with Essay Auto-grade by Gordon Bateson, can reduce marking time to near zero. However, essay assignments needing manual grading like shown above, it looks like Edwiser streamlines the process tremendously.


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