Top 10 Free Moodle Themes To Showcase Your Learning Environment — 2019 Update

The Top Moodle Themes

Updated on March 16th, 2019

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Making your learning environment looks great is always a top priority for Moodle managers in order to engage teachers as well as the students. There are many free and premium Moodle themes available in the market serving different learning sectors.

Today, We will have a look on the top 10 free themes for Moodle, which will drive you crazy with the appearance of your learning environment. The themes are contributed by Moodle community members and they deserved a lot of accolades for consistently  adding new features and keeping the themes compatible with latest Moodle versions.

Moodle themes with the most fans as of March, 2019

Themes not yet updated to Moodle 3.6 have been excluded. Themes in bold did not appear in the original, 2016 article.

  1. Adaptable” (theme_adaptable)
  2. Essential” (theme_essential)
  3. Academi (theme_academi)
  4. Eguru (theme_eguru)
  5. Moove (theme_moove)
  6. Fordson (theme_fordson)
  7. Klass (theme_klass)
  8. Roshnilite” (theme_roshnilite)
  9. Campus” (theme_campus)
  10. Elegance” (theme_elegance)

The original 2016 list


The “Adaptable” theme designed by Jez H and Fernando Acedo defied all expectations and in December became the most installed Moodle theme of all time. The theme offers a customisable, responsive, two-column interface designed for a variety of sites.
Downloads in the last 90 days: 18,558




For most of Moodle’s early history the “Essential” theme was in absolute domination of the Moodle Directory. Maintained by Gareth Barnard, it is still one of the most popular Moodle themes ever. Looking at the efforts in keeping it maintained it seems that it will stay at the top of list for a long time.
Downloads in the last 90 days: 8,436




Another fully responsive (it’s 2019 after all) and feature-heavy theme which provides customizable sections on the front page. The best thing about the “Roshnilite” theme is the number of options available for the appearance of your site. Developed by the DualCube team.
Downloads in the past 90 days: 1,497




Co-authored by Gareth Barnard and David Bogner, the “Campus” theme provides full responsiveness, MNet authentication, a built-in slideshow and all regular features of a Moodle theme. Not to be mistaken with the “Boost Campus” theme.
Downloads in the past 90 days: 1,209




Another awesome theme designed by Gareth Barnard, the “Shoelace” theme provides a color scheme adaptation of the Bootstrap theme with a thin font.
Downloads in the past 90 days: 438




The “Elegance” theme was built by Bas Brands before he enlisted at Moodle HQ. “Elegance” is a two column theme which provides many customization options.
Downloads in the past 90 days: 378


Themes decommissioned or not updated in over a year

‘Aardvark’ (Up to Moodle 3.3.1)

The “Aardvark” theme has not been updated since December, 2016.

Noted for introducing the now widespread “Menubar” idea in Moodle, the “Aardvark” theme was inspired by a Flat UI and Google’s Material design.




As of 2019, the “Boostrap” theme is no longer supported. Developer Bas Brand recommends upgrading to Moodle 3.7’s “Boost” or “Classic”

The “Bootstrap” theme is based on Twitter’s web design framework of the same name, which focuses on simple usefulness with minimal styling. It can be used to create user experience optimized themes.



The great ideas featured in Chris Kenniburg’s “Pioneer” theme have since set the basis for one of the most groundbreaking Moodle developments today: The “Fordson” theme.

As the name suggests, the “Pioneer” theme by Chris Kenniburg is always a pioneer in introducing new features and customization options. The theme strikes a balance between features and wonderful design.



The “Eduhub” theme has not been updated since December 2016 and is compatible with Moodle 3.2 or earlier only.

The “Eduhub” theme is developed by Vidya Mantra EduSystems, Certified Moodle Partner from India. The theme is a having a clean and sleek looks and best suits for all educational institutes.


Do you know about other free Moodle themes which are more popular? Which theme you are using on your Moodle site? Do share with us in the comments section below.