Top 7 Free Moodle Themes — 2019 Update


Final Update in July, 2019. Check out our Summer of 2019 Update:

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Data for Q1, 2019,

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Most downloaded Moodle themes 2019 Q1

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Original 2017 Post

Moodle themes can greatly enhance the user experience for your Moodle site. Since the launch of Boost theme in Moodle 3.2 which turned the default Moodle looks astonishing. The bootstrap 4 based Boost theme brought many new cutting-edge features.
In this article, I will show the top 07 free Moodle themes of 2017. Contributed by Moodle theme designers, all these free Moodle themes are available for free of cost. The theme designers deserve a lot of accolades for consistently adding new features and keeping the themes compatible with latest Moodle versions.

Top 07 Free Moodle themes for 2017

  1. Adaptable – The highly customizable two column fully responsive Moodle theme. Based on the popular Moodle theme – BCU. Adaptable has all the features of BCU theme along with many new features like – Layout Builders, Multiple front page course styles etc.Top 07 free Moodle themes for 2017 - Showcase your Moodle learning portal #Moodlethemes
  2. Essential – The second spot goes to another popular and well maintained Moodle theme – Essential. Essential Moodle theme is one of the most downloaded third-party Moodle theme ever. The theme is also awarded with the Reviewer’s choice award in the Moodle plugins directory.Essential theme for Moodle released for version 3.3 #moodlethemes
  3. Academi – Another clever and fully responsive free Moodle theme providing a seamless experience across multiple devices. Designed by LMSACE e-learning experts who are behind other popular themes like Enlightlite, Eguru, Klass etc.Top 07 free Moodle themes for 2017 - Showcase your Moodle learning portal
  4. Aardvark – The original menubar based Moodle theme. The theme is based on inspiring Flat UI and Google’s Material design. Currently compatible with Moodle 3.3 version.Aardvark theme for Moodle 2.9
  5. Klass – Another highly popular Free Moodle theme by LMSACE team. The theme is suitable for schools, colleges, universities and other educational websites. The latest version is compatible with Moodle 3.4 which is the latest release of Moodle core.
  6. Fordson – The child theme of Boost theme. Fordson provides enhanced homepage, innovative user dashboards, and other features for a better user experience.Meet the new updated Fordson theme - now with new presets and innovative features #Moodlethemes
  7. Moove – One of the most modern, simple free moodle theme. Moove Moodle theme offers a variety of premium features without any cost. It is optimized for online learning to let your students focus on learning.Check out the refreshed & updated Moove theme for Moodle #Moodlethemes

If you are interested in premium Moodle themes, you might be interested in Top 5 premium Moodle themes of 2017.
Do you know about other free Moodle themes which are more popular? Which theme you are using on your Moodle site? Do share with us in the comments section below.