The Era Of Content Delivery Integrated In The LMS Is Upon Us | La Era de Integración de Contenidos en LMS ha Llegado
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LinkedIn continues to raise the interest of players and enthusiasts in the EdTech space. After the acquisition of content company Lynda, now LinkedIn Learning, a privileged position in the lifelong learning and professional development serves as the starting point of ambitious, if also cautious, moves.

The latest LinkedIn Learning announcement mirrors that of similar content companies, including Open Educational Resources (OER) providers. Beginning with up-and-coming LMS like Degreed, Digital Chalk, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Docebo, LinkedIn Learning will now let users access their vast repository, made mostly of video lessons.

This will allow instructors to use the tracking and reporting tools of the LMS, if they are available, to measure engagement of Learning materials. The announcement also outlays plans for modular tracks and “bespoke learning pathways” by mid-2018. To date, it is unclear if Learning will create the pathways or if organizations will have the tools to build them for themselves.

The relatively small scale of the announcement gives it the look of pilot program. Learning’s Enterprise Development VP is quoted by HR Technologist saying:

We look forward to the streamlined experience this new partner program will enable, and, in turn, the more powerful learning programs it will help organizations to facilitate for their employees.”

LinkedIn Learning integrations are scheduled to become available throughout 2018. Information on pricing, and whether ordinary licenses will include the integration service, is unavailable at this time.

Throughout this year’s conferences, Moodle has set forth plans for what could be called 2.0. A series of envisioning sessions are gathering feedback for the project, which would double as a social network for teachers and a content exchange and collaboration platform.

Find out more about “LinkedIn Learning Now Supports Direct Partner LMS Integration” at HR Technologist.

Read the update “New LinkedIn Learning Partner Program Fosters Deeper Integration with Leading Learning Management Systems” at

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