Real Websites Built With Moodle — A 2019 Update

NCSU Moodle (North Carolina State University 'WolfWare')

Updated on March 26th, 2019

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Real Moodle Examples Up In 2019

NCSU Moodle (North Carolina State University ‘WolfWare’)

Moodle UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


CSUN Moodle (California State University Northridge)


NJIT Moodle (New Jersey Institute of Technology – Moodlerooms)


UMN Moodle (University of Minnesota)


Moodle Gettysburg College (Moodlerooms)


Elon Moodle (Elon University)

CCU Moodle (Coastal Carolina University)


FPU Moodle (Fresno Pacific University)


UNCA Moodle (University of North Carolina at Asheville)

GMC Moodle (Georgia Military College – Moodlerooms)

CU Computer Science Moodle (Colorado University)

Moodle UMass Amherst


UL Lafayette Moodle (University of Louisiana Lafayette)


Moodle Southeastern Louisiana University


Purchase College Moodle (SUNY Purchase)

SUNY Potsdam Moodle


Moodle On-Campus – AU Online Learning System (Aurora University)


Moodle Mount Holyoke College


Smith College’s Moodle


Moodle Lee’s Learning Platform (Lee University)


Lousiana Tech University Moodle


Southern Oregon University Moodle


Macalester Moodle

HCC Moodle (Hagerstown Community College)


Drury University Moodle


Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas Moodle


Polk County Public Schools Moodle


Moodle.oxy (Occidental College)


Craven Community College Moodle


LCU Moodle (Lubbock Community College – Moonami)

Rutgers Moodle


Campbellsville University Online Moodle


Mitchell Community College Moodle


Beloit College Moodle (‘Moodle1819’)

Clark Moodle (Clark University)


RPS Moodle (Rochester Public Schools)


Edgecombe Community College Moodle

Hopkins Public Schools Moodle


Heritage Christian School Moodle


Rochester Community Schools Moodle


Moodle EMU (Eastern Mennonite University)


Helena School District Moodle


Cal State LA Moodle 2018-2019v2 (California State University, Los Angeles)


Chatham University Moodle


Ramapo College Moodle


Moodle Southern University and A&M College (Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College)

Original, July 2014 post

The site, promotes several well known hosting solutions (which is actually what hosts this site). They’ve also put together a list of good looking Moodle sites that are presumably hosted by one of their affiliates (if these are hosted by a Partner or self-hosted let me know).

In any case it’s a solid looking group of Moodle sites if you’re looking for examples of modern looking, aesthetically pleasing sites. Check out the list at

My favorites are

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  1. @Richard, @Don – thanks for sharing! it’s great to know that the list is reflects a few different models of Moodle support. A little less great to know that a hosting company might be using those as examples to “prove” the efficacy of shared hosting for Moodle.

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