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Credit: Pieter van der Hijden, Sofos Consultancy, The Netherlands and Suriname.

Our Open EdTech for SDGs Tracker initiative has been met with broad and positive reception, and we could not be happier. But more importantly, it has brought to attention the many contributing inititiatives in the intersection of EdTech and Open Source, as a starting point for the Open movement at large. This was our original intent.

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We will continue to update our tracker with our findings and community support. You are welcome to help!

A contribution from fellow LMSPulse reader

We have received the generous contribution of reader Pieter van der Hijden, founder of Sofos Consultancy. Sofos focuses on the application of Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals.

As if that were not serendipitous enough, his contribution deals directly with Open Source LMS Moodle. We know anecdotally that Moodle is the platform of choice among multilateral organizations such as the UN or the World Bank, as well as NGOs and other actors in the Humanitarian Aid and Development Space. Beyond that, however, we don’t really have good LMS market share data for (inter) government and non-profits entities.

Contribution 1: Expert suggestions for Moodle

Credit: Pieter van der Hijden, Sofos Consultancy, The Netherlands and Suriname.

Van der Hijden reasonable focuses on SDG 4, “Quality Education.” As we have stressed, SDGs are designed to be considered holistically. Furthermore, learning organizations play an outsize role in the SDGs. Some of the most prominent ones in society do feature direct relationships with multilateral organizations, but even then, those committed to spread the SDG framework can bring awareness to society, starting with students.

Some of the suggestions are straightforward and commonly shared as clear ways in which LMS can play a role. Others seem feasible only for Open Source software, content and other resources.

  • Bring education to remote areas
  • Facilitate the development and delivery of digital curricula
  • Improve the user experiences across the ability spectrum
  • Design learning experiences for adults and other custom cases
  • Promote global dialogues, intercultural exchanges and similar interactions

Contribution 2: SDG MindMap

It consists of an interactive, searchable overview of the 17 Gs along with resources, including the official reference. Useful for roundtables and other formats involving open exchanges and collaboration.

The content is portable and can be downloaded by an icon on the bottom right corner. It qualifies as an Open Educational Resource. If you use it, make sure you include the proper reference, credit or attribution.

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