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While Moodle is one of the world’s most popular learning management systems, the community around the LMS is still growing rapidly and bringing in new users every day. For those who are completely new to Moodle, the prospect of understanding just what Moodle is and how it can be used might seem overwhelming.

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Fear not! The folks over at Lambda Solutions have put together a fantastic introduction to Moodle. The eBook chapter is comprehensive, but also incredibly accessible and easy-to-digest, transforming this important first step for new Moodlers from agonizing to effortless.

Readers of An Introduction To Moodle will learn what exactly IS Moodle and why is Moodle the most popular learning management system (hint: it’s not just the fact that it is free and open source!). Readers will also receive excellent, and specific, overviews of how Moodle can be used in different ways – in business, healthcare, education and nonprofits. The eBook also provides a specific example of how Moodle can be adapted for specific situations, as is the case with Totara Learn.

Lambda has also gone above and beyond in this eBook by providing readers with related outlets for more specific learning goals around Moodle. Topics include how to generate revenue with Moodle, modernizing training with Moodle and Six strategies for using Moodle for corporate learning.

The eBook is completely free and available for download from Lambda Solutions.

Download Intro To Moodle eBook

analytika lambda solutions moodleThis post is sponsored by Lambda Solutions – experts in eLearning, training and support with open source LMS for Moodle and Totara Learn! Start learning today.



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