MoodleMoot Philippines 2019 Live

We are live from Manila for the conferences of MoodleMoot Philippines.

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After introductory remarks from Moodle CEO Martin Dougiamas, we’re talking Social Empathy, Cloud Scaling, Voice-based technology and more.

Emelita Baylon, Teaching empathy digitally

  • The Digital Intelligence Quotient is a collection of skills that would let people have a better handle on the digital world.
  • Baylon argues that lack of empathy skills online explain to a large extent the negative social phenomena commonly found online, social media in particular.
  • Kids could benefit from learning to read their posts before sharing them, keep strong passwords, adapt their message according to their emotional intent. Some politicians would do well from this as well. (It’s election season in the Philippines.)
  • Digital Skills are associated with safer online use, higher academic achievement, greater global awareness, empathy. Source pending.
  • Interventions known to have a higher impact and increase the quality of digital empathy skills, generally speaking, involve role playing, storytelling, Project-Based Learning (PBL).

Arvin de Torres, Moodle on AWS

We’ve covered AWS extensively. Get up to speed here.

  • The benefits of the cloud are self-evident. Just to recap: It’s cheaper than investing on a datacenter out of the gate, management can be outsources, security protections can be higher, purchasing can be scale up and down according to forecast…
  • AWS is the indisputable champion. One of their promotional features? Proactive price reductions. Amazon is a high volume, low margin business. (Perhaps too low a margin?)

Day 2: Melinda Bandalaria, The ODeL Framework

MoodleMoot Philippines 2019 LIVE

  • Massive Open Distance e-Learning (MODeL) is the MOOC Platform of the University of the Philippines, the largest, state-funded university in the country.
  • The University is focused on inclusiveness, and the SDGs. “Education crosses every other sustainable goal.”
  • The Times Higher Education released the first edition of University Impact Rankings early this year. It keeps track of how universities are contributing to achieve SDGs. (Paywalled.)
  • MODeL has its own Open Educational Resources (OER) repository, which hopes to be a reliable source of quality content and productivity for teachers.

Leni Casimiro, AIIAS Online

MoodleMoot Philippines 2019 LIVE

  • The virtual campus of Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies is one of the oldest Moodle site running. They have been “Moodlers” since 2004.
  • Students can be found at 70 countries around the world, where Moodle is key to spread Christian values. “We want world domination.”
  • Of course, trying to educate dozens of cultures and geographies comes with their challenges. AIIAS undertakes disciplined qualitative research to better understand students and provide more effective online learning.
  • Many pre-conceived ideas find challenge in Casimiro’s research. A big chunk of them is related to the divide between teachers ideas about how students prefer to learn, and those from students themselves. The online student is not, for the most part, “self-directed.” When offered, they will side with companionship and guidance as much as possible.
  • Another common misconception? Students like high-tech solutions. Even a technology as widespread as livestream is met with skepticism, if not thwarted by the student personal hardware.

Ryan Soh, Blockchain and Certification Fake-Proofing

MoodleMoot Philippines 2019 LIVE

  • Ryan, Founder and CEO of Singapore-based Edufied, is a serial entrepreneur.
  • Edufied uses blockchain to decentralize the validation of certificates.
  • The vision is for a user-based certificate storage and validation. The certificates each of us own hold a bit of everyone else’s certificates. When someone wants to validate a certificate, they tap on the decentralized blockchain network to verify it.

Mark Flores, Pearson Education Philippines

  • “What does student engagement mean to you?”
  • Pearson Learning Catalytics offers live interaction tools for classrooms and audiences, browser agnostic. It does require everyone connected online.

Booguie Boydon, Joomdle

MoodleMoot Philippines 2019 LIVE
MoodleMoot Philippines 2019 LIVE
  • Joomla is a content management system and a web application framework, fully open source.
  • It lets you run “modules,” small applications that can be placed anywhere on the Joomla + Moodle site.
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