Moodle Users Association Update And Town Hall Recap! ‘Mini’ Moodle 3.9 Cycle and a Moodle Workplace Sneak Peek (Updated)

Moodle Users Association Update And Town Hall Recap! 'Mini' Moodle 3.9 Cycle, Healthy Finances, and Moodle Workplace Leaks?

Corrections made on March 12.

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The Moodle Users Association is fitting its stride to 2019’s pace. Coming up, a “Mini” Project Development Cycle invites members to submit tiny and easy fixes. By “Mini,” it means the projects must not exceed $35 thousand AUD in costs. This news started the ever-timely monthly update by MUA Chair, Richard Samson.

A ‘Mini’ MUA Project Development Cycle for Moodle 3.9

For the Moodle 3.9 release, the “Mini” cycle has received 16 proposal thus far. The first round of voting is open, running until March 15. The top 10 will make it into a shortlist. Moodle HQ will check the viability before the final voting round.

Only MUA members can vote in the rounds. But everyone can look into the proposals and engage on the Moodle Tracker. Many of the proposals are revisions from previous Cycles. Once a project is cleared for development, they receive the MUA code.

Some of the 16 active proposals include:

  • ‘0’ auto grading for missing deadline
  • Combine filter in participants dashboard
  • ChemJax Filter V2
  • Abilit to edit icons as a teacher
  • Live character count
  • Script Concordance Test – Formation Tool
  • Editing ‘On’ by default

MUA Financials

See the quarterly financial report. (Member login required.)

Moodle CPO, Gry Stene, and a Moodle Workplace tour

MUA’s first March Town Hall took place only a few hours ago. Users hosted Moodle HQ’s Chief Product Officer, Gry Stene. She started last October, her task being consolidating Moodle’s increasing set of offerings. Stene introduced Moodle Workplace, and gave a glimpse of its interface to the audience.

When asked about the licensing situation of Moodle Workplace, Stene acknowledge this is not her area of expertise. Moodle CEO, Martin Dougiamas, is expected to share more information about it in the coming days.

Stene shared some early views of Moodle Workplace:

More information about Moodle Workplace will be available by its own Product Lead. Emilio Lozano will be the guest on the second Town Hall. Set up the date and follow the link: Tuesday, March 12th, 18 hours UTC | 1pm ET. A live Moodle Workplace demo is likely. The invitation is open to all interested, including non-members. Members will also have access at past Town Hall recordings.

Join the Moodle Users Association.

Bonus: Want more Stene? Check her out last November at TEDxUWA discussing Artificial Intelligence and STEAM.

Corrections made on March 12. A previous version of the article incorrectly stated that:

  • The Moodle Tracker is not up-to-date with the current proposals. In reality, the proposals only receive the MUA category when they are approved as projects. Issues that are or have been MUA proposals have their respective label and are available here.
  • Stene confimed the licensing status on Moodle Workplace. In reality, she acknowledge licensing not to be their area of expertise and referred to an upcoming statement from Moodle HQ.
  • Furthermore, details on MUA financials can be requested to MUA directly.
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