Updated in July 1st, 2019.

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Moodle guides and tutorials for teachers, administrators and even developers are plentiful. How about students? Not every organization spends enough time showing the most important users know around what is meant to become their learning’s best ally, most likely for years to come.

Unfortunately Moodle decided to discontinue the “Student documentation examples” page. Students using the Moodle LMS without good enough support from their own institutions are welcome to consider these resources:

Original, 2010 post

Moodle.org has a great collection of student tutorial and documentation examples at: Student Documentation Examples. The page was created in an effort to provide more robust and detailed training options for students (as Administrator and Teacher training for Moodle is widespread); and it’s quite successful in fulfilling that need.

The guides include videos, PDFs, Moodle Book resources and much more (in several languages as well). If you’re looking to beef up your student tutorials, consider checking out these resources for ideas and best practices (or to add your own!).

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  1. Why do we overwhelm with videos that show a kaleidoscope of possibilities? Explorers will explore, and don’t need an invitation to do so. Computerphobes will respond to paper, clearly outlining, step-by-step, the various (multiple) ways to navigate their way through a course. I see a role for a series of 5-second videos, each demonstrating just one discrete function. They could be accessed from the printed page by QR-code and/or an abbreviated URL (tinyurl or similar).

    The historical student documentation examples are not accessible from the given link. If you find the old version 2 page, all the links I tried had died.

  2. Great addition to the conversation, David.

    I was with you with the 5-second video idea. Even some GIFs I was sure would do the job of effectively onboarding users. However, my actual experiences have not always proved successful. I am not a blind believer on long videos but they have some benefits, like being able to explain and reinforce messages and justify why things are done in specific ways.

    I managed to find a working link for the Student Documentation Examples and I have updated the article.


    Thank you again for your active contribution. Cheers!


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