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For their next session, a class on “News Algorithms” will discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence and related algorithms and technologies on news desks.
While the Moodle is an interesting, down-to-earth site, the journalistic topics can also be of interest for Moodlers. AI continues to transform workplaces. While the obvious examples usually stem from factories, plans and manufacturing, it is clear AI has a significant potential for the disruption of information-intensive jobs, like teaching or reporting.

Who Will Train Us For The Million Net Jobs AI Will Create?

The course takes on a positive view of the impact of AI in the customary duties of a journalist. It begins with a basic discussion of what AI, machine learning and algorithms actually are. It serves as a good introduction of recap in that regard.
Delving into specifics, it covers the processes and tools which allows AI help journalists in tasks such as story discovery, information processing, and automatic content generation and distribution. All of them worth taking note of for educators and learning entrepreneurs alike.
From a standpoint of AI being introduced to economic and labor activities in general, the course complies with the increasingly balanced view of a “hybrid” world, where AI augments jobs, duties and skills.

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