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A momentous Learning Technologies 2019 show for Moodle and Moodle Partner eThink Education comes to an end today. With a display on the London summit, one of the largest in Europe, the allies announces the status of eThink Educatin as a Certified Partner in the UK.

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The movement enables UK-based customers of eThink Education to enjoy certifiable quality of lifecycle Moodle services, from consulting and implementation, to custom development, design and system integrations. eThink is recognized by their choice of world-class providers of cutting-edge solutions in analytics, SIS, LRS, just to name a few.

eThink continues to grow across the globe. Already a partner in Nigeria as well as the Caribbean, the US continues to be a place for growth and consolidation. Partnerships are a key driving source of expansion and quality of service, as it has been since 11 years ago when it was founded.

eThink Education Will Challenge Your Notion Of Moodle In The US LMS Space

The announcement makes eThink the sixth player in a highly dynamic UK marketplace and Moodle Partner environment. Catalyst IT, E-Learn Design, HowToMoodle, Synergy Learning and Titus Learning now greet a competitive team with outstanding reputation and almost perfect customer satisfaction and retention stats.

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