Bersin by Deloitte is slowly becoming a competitive resource for lifelong learners at any point in their career; as well as for professionals in the growing Professional Development sub-industry.

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The blog’s founder, Josh Bersin, is an industry influencer. In the decades in which his career spans, fads, trends and technological solutions have touched the professional development space at various magnitudes of influence. As expected, only a few have stood the test of time.

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Bersin points to a possible pattern among those who do. They provide a clear, sustainable and practical answer to a long-held problem in education. He admits that often the learning technology landscape is hard to figure out. The corporate learning arena is particularly tricky due to the diversity of problems and the diverse quality of ideas. But at the end of the day, the role of technology in the classroom (and learning workplace) is as a thrust behind a conscious quest for solutions.

Taking a look at the digital space in 2019, his framework can help understand the impact of coming technologies, as well as its sustainability.

On top of Bersin’s spotlight is VR. Does it actually solve a real problem? Beyond doubt, he claims to be “blown away” by how each of the experienced he demo’d felt “real, memorable and emotional.

VR Enters Corporate Learning With A Vengeance: And The Results Are Amazing

Another problem VR seems unexpectedly poised to solve is scalability. The right application could enable learning experience designers to tweak the intervention on demand, adapt and iterate to increase effectiveness. As a result, VR offers a whole new paradigm for retention, or as Bersin calls it, “muscle memory.”

If everything goes according to plan, STRIVR, the company that provided the demonstrations, will be rolling out learning programs for Verizon, Walmart and JetBlue.


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