It’s partnership frenzy time at the height of the Moodle Partner community.

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From Australia, eCreators, one of the largest Certified Moodle Partners today, announces a partnership with Warpwire. The North Carolina company provides a video solutions platform focused on teacher and student usability, close interaction with users and customers, and modern feature set that values security.

The partnership will give Moodle users and eCreators customers seamless access to the Warpwire video creation and management platform. Teachers and learners will enjoy flexible library creation features directly linked to learning activities and outcomes as outlined by the LMS.

Warpwire’s comprehensive feature index begins with security and covers media capture, upload and playback; accessibility, management, support and more. Some of the most notable are:

The choice by eCreators to add Warpwire to the list of high-level technical partners, ready for their ample customer base, is the increasing evidence for the potential of video in learning. Not only it continues to prove its engagement premium over other formats, recent innovations continue to help making video production affordable, scalable and intelligent. The integrated Warpwire platform means users will be able to add engaging video with smart features to their workflows with ease.

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For a press release, eCreators CEO, Dean Saunders, stated:

«From the moment we first played with Warpwire, we knew we were onto something special for our customers. It’s lightweight but packs a serious punch compared to other similar tools on the market. The team at Warpwire are also such a great cultural fit, which makes a huge difference. All Learnbook customers will now be able to take full advantage of this premium offering

Since their origins in 2007, eCreators has grown to become a top Moodle Partner devoted to provide a “one-stop shop” for its clients, by shouldering the hardest technical and instructional challenges; and offering the best solutions availables to learning designers around the world.

Learn more: “Introducing Warpwire” at and sign up for a free webinar.


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