Dutch OpenEdu, Now Also Certified Moodle Partner In Belgium

moodle OpenEdu Partner belgium

The official blog of Moodle HQ has issued a press release announcing the extension of the Moodle Partner role to OpenEdu, who is now able to provide “full service” Moodle solutions to customers in Belgium.


As a young EdTech company, the new Partner will leverage its status to certify the quality of its offering, as well as its customer service. The Moodle Partnership seeks to recognize quality in Moodle support and allows companies to use Moodle’s official trademarks, in exchange for 10% of revenues from Moodle-based operations. The program, however, is broad. The quality among given Partners has shown to be significantly variable. Furthermore, the introduction of proprietary Moodle Workplace is set to benefit the business models of certain Partners in different ways than others, mostly according to scale.

In his latest keynote, Moodle CEO, Martin Dougiamas, confirmed the vital role of the partnership program in Moodle’s financial sustainability. He revealed, among other things, that 60% of Moodle revenues come through Moodle Partners from Corporate customers.

The announcement makes OpenEdu the third official Moodle Partner in Belgium. Early this year, they had also become the third one in the Netherlands, where they are originally from.

With 1,031 and 506 registered Moodle sites respectively (at writing), the Netherlands and Belgium may be modest EdTech markets. They are, however, worth keeping tabs on given its dynamism and leadership on educational innovation.

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