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32 videos, a runtime of 1:37:35, give the latest Learn Moodle playlist a cinematic vibe. It also feels comprehensive, biographic perchance. The set goes deep into details, from the first, preliminary impressions, and the features told as episodes of growth Moodle has experienced over the years. From “Finding your way around” to “Course backup” and “Course restore,” Moodle comes of age in front of your eyes.

If you have a liking for deeper interaction with both the content and the community, you might enjoy the videos better within the “Learn Moodle 3.6 Basics” MOOC. It’s a free, 4-week long offering of activities and interaction opportunities for users at any level of Moodle competencies. It introduces Moodle up to its latest features and enables participants to take away a practical understanding of the world’s most popular LMS.

Interesting goodies in the MOOC include:

And if you want your data to inform future versions of this and other Moodle products, you have the choice to give your consent.

The first live session takes place today, Friday, January 9.

Check out the full playlist here.

Sign-ups are still open for Learn Moodle 3.6 Basics MOOC at You can follow the 4-week schedule, or complete it at your own pace during that time. In any case the completion certificate and badge will be awarded at the end of the period.

You can also take the course on Android or iOS devices using the Learn Moodle app. Learn more here.

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