Coming Soon Two New Course Formats For Your Favorite Moodle Theme

By the Edwiser team.

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Ever wondered how you could get your students to focus more and perform better?

We know factors like course layout, ease of use and aesthetics play a crucial role in ensuring quality learning.

But theory aside, how can you get your students to focus on learning, in your Moodle courses?

One of the ways to achieve this is by improving the way you present your Moodle course.

Varing the layout of your course content, by using a different course formats in your Moodle course could have a great impact in how your students interact with your contents.

The Moodle community has a few favorite course formats: Grid, Topics, OneTopic, are some of the most popular for Moodle users.

But will they deliver results for you?

Let me walk you through two new standout course formats that will help improve your student’s learning experience. If you are interested, please let us know! We will be rolling them out over the coming weeks.

By the way, they are completely free and compatible with most modern Moodle themes. (Of course, they look best on the “Edwiser RemUI” theme! ????)

Edwiser List Format

Edwiser List Course Format
Edwiser List Course Format

This course format is simple-looking, yet highly-power-packed. Using Edwiser List Format, you can list your course content in the form of neat lists. A “collapsible” view ensures your users are safe from endless scrolling across your course pages.

Edwiser Card Format

Edwiser Card Course Format
Edwiser Card Course Format

Edwiser Card Format lets your learners view all course topics in the form of cards. Using this format, you can display activities of each section on the cards itself. Edwiser Card Format brings aesthetics and functionality under the same roof.

Which one to use? A very hard question!

Which one should you go for: Card Format or List Format?

There is a simple way to answer this.

Why not both?

Introducing: Edwiser Course Formats Plugin

The Edwiser Course Formats plugin includes both Edwiser List Format and Edwiswer Card Format. To use either one, all you have to do is install the Edwiser Course Formats plugin, and you’re ready to go!

Fantastic! But seriously, how much would you have to spend?

Nothing! It’s absolutely Free!

Great! But will it work on the theme you are using?

Yes! It works with different themes too. Edwiser Course Format is theme-agnostic and compatible across all popular Moodle themes.

When can you get it?

Edwiser Course Format is set to be launched in the coming week! Be on the front foot and stay updated with every development on MoodleNews.

Edwiser is a sponsor of MoodleNews.

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