The ‘Boost Campus’ Theme For Moodle Gets The Academic Experience Into Shape


Updated on April 18th, 2019


Built with the university campus user in mind, the “Boost Campus” theme debuts a series of upgrades. True to its German origin, it offers an elegant and responsive design that does not underestimate the user.

Do not mistake “Boost Campus” with either “Boost” or “Campus” themes. The former is Moodle’s current default theme, the latter used to be.

Flatness would be a fitting way to describe “Boost Campus,” if you find a research paper appealing. By finding a standard way to organize items, it becomes dependable. Tabs ample and easy customization, from basic headings to raw SCSS code.

A few bugs come fixed in the latest release, including a misbehaving left-side “NavBar.” Pop-ups are less prominent, as better cues and colors send users in the right direction. A corrected issue with logo width, and video player skin coloring complete the bulk of the update.

“Boost Campus” is the work of Kathrin Osswald and Alexander Bias at Ulm University. The latest version, also the only one they can afford to support, requires PHP 7. For best results, try it on Moodle 3.4 or newer.

Download or install “Boost Campus” from the official Moodle Plugin Directory.

Read more about it at the theme’s GitHub. Suggest and report issues as well.■

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