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In the preamble of our Best of the Year’s picks, we have consulted to our suscribers, who voted on the reasons that for them make Moodle great. Other than Moodle itself, that is.

As a community and as a Movement, Moodle is much more than the software, or even the plugins and themes built by developers and countless volunteer contributors from around the world. It is a unique platform to share practical ideas and “debate” on them through code. At the same time, it is only a small part of the crucial role Open Source plays for humanity, and the mission nothing else is better fit to serve in the expansion of our abilities, channels for communication and speech, and our opportunities for social and economic progress and development.

Never existentially at ease, nor free from risks, the Open EdTech community has left a mark that deserve recognition. The following nominations are nothing more than an acknowledgement of what people and teams devoted to students, clients, users, or put simply, people, can do.

Here’s one for the history logs!

How to support your favorite

Visit the post of your favorite plugin on social media. Each candidate has its own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post. “Hearts” and “Likes” will count for the final tally.

And if you want to participate in our 10-Year Sweepstakes, sign up for our newsletter or update your info and check the #BestOfMoodle2019 box

The categories

Best Free Moodle Themes of 2019

Boost Campus





Best Free Moodle Plugins of 2019


Restriction by Language


Forum Keywords

Best Premium Moodle Themes of 2019

Edwiser RemUI

Custom development for Wasabi UK

Custom development for British Weight Lifting


Best Premium Moodle Plugins and Integrations of 2019


English Central by Poodll




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  1. Great idea to do a Best of 2019 voting. However, I am very confused on how to vote. I looked for voting buttons, but there were none. An explanation, said go to a social media page, but when I clicked on the image, there was no social media page to give a Like or a Heart. Finally, for the nominated plugins that I don’t know (most), there was no way for me to view or see a demonstration.

  2. Hi Don, I have updated the article with the specific post on social media you are supposed to ‘heart’ or ‘like’ as a token of support. You can vote once on each network. Hope this helps, Cheers!


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