Alibaba Cloud Alliance Sets Moodle Partner eCreators Atop World’s Best Future Learning Market

eCreators continues to lunge forward. Not only in the learning technology space. In its latest announcement, it hits Asia’s ground —and cloud— running.

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The top Australian Moodle Partner its launch of learning platforms supported by Alibaba Cloud. Customers from all over the world can now host their Moodle and Learnbook, eCreators customization of the Open LMS, on the dozens of Alibaba Cloud data centers worldwide.

The announcement shows eCreators’ move to expand in what many consider the best EdTech place to be. With high-profile customers in countries like Singapore already, eCreators leads the conquest of the flourishing ASEAN region, especially in terms of Open Source technologies and Moodle.

Alibaba Cloud continues to expand in both market share and contribution to the Chinese giant’s value. Almost doubling its revenues for three consecutive years, Alibaba Cloud is approaching the size of competitors like Microsoft Azure, and its solutions that of AWS. Proximity to large-scale government projects (including the One Belt One Road Initiative) and priorities such as AI, hybrid cloud, and real-time analytics technologies are a good omens for Alibaba Cloud, whose next-gen technologies can potentially be incorporated in Moodle and Learnbook sites from eCreators clients.

With some of the youngest, most digitally-ready, fastest growing economies, Southeast Asia is already an appealing and dynamic EdTech marketplace. Social priorities and rising wages favor education in the most populous part of the world, home of the largest and the highest-growing share of students in basic and higher education. Technologies that increase coverage and quality of education are already in high demand and will expectedly continue for the next decade, or as some believe, throughout the century.

Strategically positioned, eCreators features some of the largest learning organizations in Australia and New Zealand as clients. It also has a lock-in for key multinational corporations in Asia and Oceania. Among many of their copious recognitions on the quality of their business, the latest is its designation as the exclusive provider of Moodle Workplace for Australia.

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