Adding CSS To Modify Your Theme In Moodle (Summer Of 2019 Update + Resources)


Updated on June 18th, 2019. Time flies! While some of the basics explained by Johnson are timeless, the processes do look a bit different. Here are some resources to keep you going


CSS? What you need to know

Cascading Style Sheets are a powerful method to customize pretty much every visual element on your website. A simple syntax makes it easy for everyone to get started tweaking around:

selector {
    property: attribute;

Going forward is an inviting challenge for design, perfectionism, some math (including trigonometric functions—and you thought you’d never use them!); all in the name of an effective and pleasing user experience.

Now back to the Original, 2014 post:

Here’s a handy video by Andrew Johnson which highlights the process of editing your standard Moodle theme with CSS which will allow you to modify look and feel of your site through html. Check out the full ~3 minute video at