Small but welcome updates to MoodleNet are released continuously. Functionality, Interface (UI) and Bug fixes and improvements feature in the latest video.

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Gravatars. A project from the team behind WordPress, it adds your profile picture automatically to a compatible site, like Moodle. Provided you first set a Gravatar account. An alternative to the Facebook link which already adds your profile pic and a mountain of profile data.

Community overviews and members. Dedicated pages in each community now allow managers to explain what the community is about. Underneat, a list of the faces of community members shows up. (With the Gravatar pic if they have it.)

Collection numbers. How many resources and followers a community collection has will no longer be a mystery. Two icons on the Collections tab of the community show the answer.

UI Tweaks

A dozen little tweaks on a pixel-by-pixel basis moved and resized buttons, increased character limits, removed flags on languages and made the sidebar slightly darker.

Bug fixes

It is not released yet and there are lots of issues to fix already. That’s the life software developers chose! As newer problems add up, the team has solved a couple of them, including:

    • Medatada. Grabbing key information about a resource from an external website is tricky, especially if they don’t follow Facebook’s Open Graph protocol.
    • Permissions. Users should be able to add or modify content on the places they are authorized to manage.

Keep track of the evolution of MoodleNet.

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