Don’t miss out MoodleMoot Brazil 2019, Session Two — São Luís on October 10-11

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Few countries have made such a consistent effort to promote the values of Open Source in education as Brazil. At the same time, few countries continue to face as many social, technological and sustainable challenges, with such limited support from global Open Tech players. It is much easier to silence the efforts than to neutralize their impact.

As the country hits the unique milestone of celebrating the twentieth MoodleMoot next October, it is worth revisiting some of the strengths of the local Open Source movements, their unique challenges, and some of the reasons to be excited about the future of Open EdTech in the country, beginning with MoodleMoot Brazil 2019, Session Two — São Luís, on October 10th and 11th.

Brazil is fourth largest Moodle country in terms of registered sites. It currently has 3 Moodle partners, neither of which is involved in the Moot.

Brazil ‘Livre’

Brazil has a long, if surreptitious, history with Open Source. One of its particular features is the many initiatives stemming from NGO and government entities (state and federal) alike, if not always in perfect coordination. Just like in every other country, profit-seeking endeavors offer a constant clash with the Open Source movement, with the occasional and short-lived alignment of incentives.

Among other milestones, Brazil was one of the first countries to sign Access to Information and Public Participation laws, designed to update institutional practices in the defense of democratic participation upon the light of the unstoppable Information and Communication Technologies.

This is not to say Brazilian people and individuals have not played a meaningful and influential role across the spectrum of Open Source initiative and advocacy. In the Moodle community alone, it plays a significant role with a share of contributors, and some of the most popular plugins, including most notably the “Moove” theme.

What to look forward to in #MootBR19, the XX Brazilian Moot

The formidable operation that MoodleBrasil, the local Moodle community delivers twice a year, single-handedly and with minimal external or corporate support, deserve a lot more recognition and attention than it currently does. A “cutting-edge” session is held every year in São Paulo, one of the world’s top “EdTech Cities.” A second, itinerary session has the purpose of promoting Moodle, including the latest tech and best practices, across the country. The upcoming session will do just that in São Luís, featuring:

  • Sill Pontes, Senior Instructional Designer at TODRAW
  • Moodle HQ’s Daniel Neis Araujo. He will cover Moodle Workplace, Moodle 3.7 and more
  • Cristina Stevanin, discussing Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Badiu MReport’s Lino Badiu and Claudio Monteiro
  • Universidade Estadual do Ceará
  • Universidade Abierta do SUS (UNASUS)
  • PUC-Rio
  • UFMG
  • And more!

Bonus R&R: Open Brazilian initiatives worth watching

To be sure, the Braziliand landscape is not rosy anywhere. Education, government, society and landscapes themselves (the environment, that is) are under constant threat, if not in chronic crises outright. Even the Open EdTech movement internally has fallen pray to conflicts and recurring chasms that, while always short-lived, put a dent in the otherwise exemplary and longstanding collaboration.

  • Open Source software that restricts heavy-dute vehicles in protected areas, including the Amazon rainforest
  • AppCívico: Develops “civic tech” platforms aimed to improve public management efficiency, transparency and citizen engagement.
  • Open Knowledge Brasil: OKFN’s national chapter, one of the firsts worldwide, promotes free knowledge and information initiatives for people and social benefits.

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