You Can Now Submit And Discuss Moodle Projects For MUA’s Development Cycle Through The Moodle Tracker

Moodle Users Association’s (MUA) President, Emma Richardson, made a few announcements about the global Moodlers society’s agenda in early 2018.

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The focus of her updates was the three active Project Development Cycles:

The 2017 January – June winning proposal, “Expanded Question Bank Management / Categorization,” is debuting its own page on the Moodle Tracker with its own MUA issue ID (MUA-32). Any user, not just MUA members, can sign up for free to follow the project’s developments, discuss the proposal, and even make contributions. A page on the Moodle Developers Documentation is also available. To date, neither page offers significant updates or an estimated time of delivery, making its availability uncertain but likely to come in Moodle 3.6, scheduled for November.

The 2017 July – December winning proposal, “Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases,” is currently in the process of final MUA Committee review. It will soon be forwarded to Moodle HQ with a formal Statement of Work. Following, it will feature its own Tracker page and ID.

Finally, the 2018 January – June Cycle is open. Beginning with this cycle, all proposals will be available on the Moodle Tracker with their own MUA code, not just the winning ones. This will make it easier for Moodlers to get to know the projects and discuss them at length. Another advantage of giving proposals their own code is to simplify re-submission for future cycles should they not win in any given round. (Proposals can be submitted again to MUA’s Project Development Cycles an unlimited number of times.)

Important: Proposal leaders should note that projects should still be submitted first on the MUA site, as the voting round will still take place there, but the project requirements will now be included on the Tracker. Mike Churchward has created a handy “Submitting an MUA proposal in the Moodle Tracker” walkthrough for proposal leaders.

The proposal window for the current MUA Project Development Cycle is currently open and ends on February 28th. The first voting round is set for early March. The winning proposal should be declared by the end of June.

For these and other news, including MUA site update and upcoming MUA Town Halls, read Richardson’s “January 2018 MUA Update” at

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